Samsung Galaxy S10 Chipset may Feature a New Exynos 9820

galaxy s10 chipset new exynos 9820

New Galaxy S10 leaks have come to light. According to IceUniverse (credible leak source), the next gen Galaxy S device will feature a new Exynos 9820 chipset. It will be Samsung’s first chipset to be powered by a GPU based on the 7nm process. The new Galaxy S10 chipset will have huge improvements over the previous one.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s upcoming flagship which may release in the first half of the next year. Samsung is reportedly doing some crazy things with the phone. Upgrading the chipset may seem like a lukewarm news, but a 7nm fabrication process GPU means a big deal.

galaxy s10 chipset new exynos 9820

As the size of transistors decrease, we can fit more of them on the same die. It increases the performance and also the thermal efficiency of the chip by a huge margin. With the Mali G76 GPU based on the very same process, expect massive gains in graphic processing and less heat while playing games. As for the processor, the Galaxy S10 chipset consists of 2 Exynos M4 Big cores, to be used for processor intensive tasks that require higher single core clocks. It also has 2 Medium Cortex A75 (or A76) cores to perform lighter tasks that don’t require many cores and speed. And finally it has 4 small Cortex A55 cores for multi-threaded workloads. All together they form a 2+2+4 DynamicIQ architecture which utilizes each core according to the task at hand.

Note that USA will still receive the Galaxy S10 with the latest Snapdragon processor (expected Snapdragon 855) instead of the new Exynos 9820.

galaxy s10 chipset new exynos 9820

Apart from the Galaxy S10 chipset, the new Galaxy S10 leaks also hint to 5 cameras on the phone. That’s right. The phone will reportedly have 3 Rear cameras (on the plus model) and 2 Cameras on front. We think Samsung is really serious about the whole Portrait selfie fad and wants to pull out all guns. We can only wait and see what kind of a Frankenstein’s Monster Samsung ends up creating. All we know is that it is going to be one hell of a ride!