The Game Awards returned just like last year but with lots of advertisements,it was like watching a commercial.This year was a disaster for game awards but in my opinion “Death stranding” managed to do something right.Managed to get my hands on most of them,i can say this was a year of compelling-storytelling.

Coming to this year’s games,where it was a thrall  to see games popping up like every other day.

“Legend of Zelda” won Best Game Of The Year,which i personally have nothing against but my list of GOTY is way different.We all have that game which we love to get our hands on and for which we have waited for.

I haven’t had played any persona’s games before but this one, Persona 5 is a masterpiece,built on beautiful fantasy.

We play as High school student and as Joker in palace world.The palace world is that where we fight corrupt.Persona 5 beautifully transition between the life of a student and the dark side where he and his friends are able to take people’s heart and change there behaviour in real-world.

Persona 5 won “Best Role Playing” game but its a GOTY contender & in my opinion it should’ve won.

No doubt,it was a masterpiece to play as it was my first from the franchise.

Nevertheless, we all have a GOTY list where we cut across game titles to have our own,Mine is Persona 5.

What’s Yours?