Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel Episode 4 : Conflict between Jo and Zahira continues


The most awaited episode 4 of Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel ‘The Best Of Friends’ is all set to be out on the 22nd February 2019. This much loved series will only make 2 more episodes of this series. The last episode will showcase the conflict between Jo and Zahira.

Hostel life never runs short of happy moments. If one tries to remember their hostel life, it would bring back memories of endless laughter, fights and all the moments which cannot be explained in mere words. Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel is one such series which showcases the story of four girls who are completely different from one another, bounded in an unlikely friendship. These four friends are being portrayed by Ahsaas Channa, Simran Natekar, Srishti Srivastava and Parul Gulati.

This much awaited 4th episode will be seen dealing with the conflict between Jo and Zahira which is deeper than it seems to be. Since Richa(Ahsaas Channa) and Milli(Simran Natekar) have been living with Jo(Srishti Srivastava) for quite some time now, they both try to extract information about Jo. They came to know that initially Jo and Zahira(Parul Gulati) were very close friends but gradually their friendship corroded and turned into bitter rivalry. As the conflict between the newly turned enemies grows, Richa and Milli are all set to find out how these two best of friends turned into cold enemies, but little do they know that this fights involves a third person.

Girliyapa Girls Hostel Review
Girliyapa Girls Hostel Review

Parul Gulati essaying the role of Zahira in Girls Hostel said,” Hostel life is definitely a challenging phase where one needs to make a lot of adjustments but at the same time, teaches you to effectively deal with different problem we face in life. It teaches you the value of making correct judgements and more importantly, the value of having a true friend by your side. In this 2- part finale, audiences are in for a shock as they come to terms with the real reason behind the animosity between Jo and Zahira.”

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