Google Assistant Duo Call now possible with new Assistant Update

google assistant duo call on google assistant

In the new Assistant update, Google has added the feature of Google Assistant Duo Call. This will let you make a Duo Call on Google Assistant. Just ask it to call someone on your contacts and it will immediately initiate a Duo call.


Google has been tinkering a lot with its Assistant lately. Last month they introduced multiple command integration. It allowed you to speak multiple commands using natural conjunctions and the assistant will understand. They added a continued listening feature too, which makes the assistant listen for a while even after a command is given. It helps in creating a natural flow of the conversation. With this new Assistant however, things will change a lot.

Google assistant duo call, duo call on google assistant, new assistant update

By now, we had only been able to make normal calls or send messages using the assistant. While this is sufficient in most use-cases, sometimes you may want to have a video chat with someone. The new update just makes it seamless. Call out the assistant, ask it to place a Duo call to your contact, and voila! It’s done.


If you are wondering what the Duo call on Assistant might be useful for, there are a number of cases. Firstly, it makes the whole process a lot faster. The Assistant opens the Duo  app for you, searches the contact you want to call, and initiates it, within a span of a few seconds, faster than you could’ve. Secondly, there are situations when your hands are not in a usable state. You can simply call out the assistant and start chatting with your loved ones. Third and most viable use-case is if an elderly person is using the phone. They may not have an idea of all its sophistication. So if they have an Assistant (albeit virtual) who is at their beck and call (pun intended), it becomes easy to use the phone and call people.

Google assistant duo call, duo call on google assistant, new assistant update

The Google Assistant Duo Call update is certainly a welcome change. We just hope Google keeps on working on the Assistant and make it smarter than ever.