Google Assistant gets Siri support for iOS device

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Google is the best virtual voice assistant among all the available assistants like Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby and Amazon’s Alexa in the market, and overall it comes with more IQ and more productive usage. Along with almost all Android devices, Google Assistant is supported by the Google home product range. Even if you are an iOS user and not much satisfied with Siri, you can use the Google Assistant app available on the App Store. And the new update for the Assistant all on iOS devices let’s user access Google Assistant using the Siri Shortcuts.

The new integration of both the virtual assistant is really a good step by Apple, as the intelligence integration of both the assistants will increase productivity, and eventually, a user can access the device with the integrating pros of both. It is not the first time that companies join hands to integrate assistant function in the device. This year in May, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa showcased the integration of two intelligent assistants at the “Build 2018” developers’ conference. The user can access the integration with using the command: “Alexa, open Cortana”, where Cortana is best in business needs, Alexa backed it up for the personal usage.

Google Assistant gets Siri support

Google Assistant gets Siri support

Talking about the new integration of Google Assistant and Siri, it will be available to all the iOS users with an updated version of the Google Assistant on the App Store. The new update description on iOS reads, “We added support for Siri Shortcuts to make it even easier to access your Assistant”.

According to the report by The Verge, iOS users can also set up Siri Shortcuts for phrases that have been used frequently with Assistant, users can create custom voice command for a single smart home action, and also trigger the Google Assistant smart home routines inside of Siri.