Google maps latest beta version 9.69 Adds reviews and comments in lists.


Google Maps latest beta version includes a number of improvements including better real-time notifications for public transportation. However, in a tear-down performed by Android Police, some upcoming features were spotted as well.

  • Reviews in Lists: Users will soon start seeing more detailed information inside their personalised lists. Google Maps will start showing reviews for places people have saved to their lists.
  • Comments in Lists: Even though users could follow other users’ lists on Google Maps, the entire experience was a bit dry. Google is now adding the ability for users to add comments to the places saved in their lists so other users can see them when they follow a list.

It also appears as though Google might soon give users a method to share their current location (similar to what WhatsApp has allowed for quite a long time). This location remains locked in place and doesn’t get updated in real time.

Since these features were spotted in a teardown, there is no confirmation on when or if they will make it to the stable version of the Google Maps app.

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