Google files patent for Motorized Sensor Pixelbook

Google files patent for  Motorized Sensor Pixelbook, opening with touch & aligns to user face

Sensor Pixelbook

U.S Patent and Trademark office has granted patent for Google invention for probable future of Pixelbook whose Lid movement will be controlled by group of sensors. It will have motorized hinge structure which is capable of moving lid into open and closed position. The control movement of the lid is based on sensors. One of it’s sensor user’s distance from laptop and other sensor computing if user has made direct contact with laptop. In order to analyse user face , there will be image sensor which will detect user face and adjust accordingly to it.

Sensor Pixelbook

User will have to touch the laptop to run the motor mechanism of the device which is based on sensors. Touch senstivity will be controlled by pressure applied so that accidental touch won’t open or close the laptop.

This patent request was filed by Google’s patent in Q4 2013 and granted week before. Company’s Senior Product Design Engineer, Ken Loo is one of the inventor of this mechanism, who has also worked on Google driver less cars.



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