Google Pixel 4 Specifications : What We Want to See ?

Google Pixel 4 Specifications

Google pixel 4 Specifications

Yes, it is quite early to discuss the Google Pixel 4 as the Pixel 3/3Xl is also a few days away from the launch. However, the Google pixel 3/3Xl has leaked in mammoth amount, the live photos, specifications and even the unboxing video has been already leaked. The pixel 3 series phones will come with a notched display and with single rear cameras. Google Pixel 4/4XL will be launching in October next year. Here are a few things that we are accepting from the device.

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Google Pixel 4 Display (Without Notch)

About 90 percent of smartphones launched in 2018 are housed by the Notch on the top of the display and the upcoming pixel 3 is strongly rumored to have a Notch. But in 2019 the trend will be for the notch-less (true bezel-less Display), so the Google with Pixel 4 series should go with the Notchless display. However, we already have some smartphone with a true-bezel-less display like the Vivo NEX and the Oppo Find X.

Google Pixel 4 Specifications

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor :

In October 2019, the time for the launch of pixel 4, it will be almost 2020, so the under-fingerprint technology will be fully matured and improved, and the standard fingerprint sensors will be gone. So the Google pixel 4 should come with the in-display fingerprint scanner or it might be the google introduces another system like face unlock to unlock the device.

Google Pixel 4 Specifications

5G Support :

For a 2019 smartphone, the support for the 5G technology is legit as we will be seeing the 5G everywhere is coming 2 years. Even in 2018, some Motorola phone has support for the 5G networks.

Snapdragon 855 or 865

The google will use the latest and the fastest processor for its flagship pixel 4. So at that time, if the upgrade for the Snapdragon 855 processor is announced that google house it otherwise the pixel 4 will come with the Snapdragon 855 SoC.

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Dual Rear Cameras :

We are seeing the Dual rear camera phones from 2017 and the Google has stuck with the single camera on the pixel 2/2XL, although Google has managed to produce the amazing Depth effect with the single camera on pixel 2Xl, which even today is a strong competitor for all the flagship devices. However, there are devices in the market with triple cameras, So the google pixel 4 should at least come with dual rear cameras.

Google Pixel 4 Specifications

Pixel 4 RAM: 6/8 GB RAM

Pixel 2/2Xl were limited to the 4GB of RAM and the upcoming Pixel 3/3XL are also accepted to debut with the same. But in 2019, the google should include the 6/8 GB variants for the smartphones.

Android Q :

Google has recently rolled out the Android 9 pie publicly and the pixel 3/3Xl will also be powered by the Android 9. Next year the Google will be announcing the next version of the Android that Android Q, about which there no words, yet. But by October, the Android Q will be announced the Pixel 4/4XL will debut with the Android 10.

Google Pixel 4 Specifications

Google Pixel 4 Release Date :

The google pixel 4/4XL will be launching in October 2019. The month is pretty consistent for last pixel 2 and for the Pixel 3, so the pixel 4 will also be launching next year in October.

So what are your thoughts about the pixel 4/4XL? Do let us know in the comments section below. ( Google Pixel 4 Specifications ) !

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