Google may launch its own smart display to take on Echo Show

Google smart display

Google may launch its own smart display to take on Echo Show | Google Smart display

The Lenovo last month launched a smart display in partnership with Google and the device was powered by Google Assistant, which basically leads to a smart speaker’s experience to the screen of a gadget. Now, according to Nikkei, Google itself would be working on its own device and the goal would be to carry out a massive distribution for year-end sales.

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Rumours indicate that the product will be called the Pixel Slate or Pixel Screen and the hardware may have a front camera with two microphones, a 10-inch screen and a removable battery. The device would initially have no extra functionality beyond what has been known so far and 3 million units are expected to be placed on the world’s shelves.

Google smart display

With this, Google would be in stores alongside LG, Lenovo, Sony and JBL, who also have Smart Display software with Google Assistant. In fact, as the digital assistant is a powerful rival to Alexa, multiplying it in the market can be a good tactic to overcome the Echo family. There is still no company confirmation and no price or launch estimate.

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