What is Google Tez? How to use Google Tez ?

Google Tez is a digital payment app from Google launched in India. Google Tez allows to transfer the money directly to the Bank Account removing the need of unnecessary wallets. Tez use UPI (Unified Payments Interface) and works with all major banks.

Google Tez has a security System named Tez Shield which helps to detect fraud, hacking & identity verification. Transactions are secured through UPI Pin and the app can be secured through Google Pin or mobile’s screen lock method even supports fingerprint lock system.

To send money instantly to nearby Tez users, can be managed by Cash Mode, which uses ultrasonic waves to communicate with the devices nearby. It eliminates the need of knowing the bank account or phone number, money can be simply transferred at places like Restaurant or local shops with sharing bank details.
Google knows India is very diversified, why not with Sundar Pichai as Google current CEO, he is providing a helping hand in Digitalisation of India with this initiative. Google Tez supports multiple Indian languages.

Google Tez can also be used for Business purposes, merchants can directly start with their current account and get on with the transactions and currently with no fees at all. Payment directly goes to the bank account.

How to use the Google Tez APP?

Google Tez App is available for both Andriod and IPhone devices. You have to visit the respective Google Play Store and App Store(IOS ) and install the App on your device.

After the app installation you need to follow these steps

1) First Step is to Choose your desired language

2) Enter your Mobile number you want to register with & make sure it’s the same number that is linked to your Bank Account
3) After the OTP verification you will proceeded to Security Type you want to go along with

4) You can protect the App either by using Screen Lock or 4-digit Google Pin

5) You will can see your settings page by click on the name on the Left Top Bar of the app.
6) There are different modes of Payment like by entering Bank Account Information, directly via UPI ID, QR Code & by phone number other than Cash Mode. But firstly you are required to add your Bank Account.

7) Once the Bank Details are succesfully added , you will be required to add UPI code for particular bank transaction

8) After adding the Bank Account, you can directly start sending money through UPI ID, QR Code or Tez User Mobile Number

9) Cash Mode

Cash mode can be enabled by tapping on the Cash Mode, provides us with two simple options Pay & Receive. When you have to pay, you just need to Swipe up and it will start searching for people nearby, after getting paired up just enter the amount and it will be received at the other end by swiping down for receive prior to pairing.


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