Google develops new application ” Files Go ” to manage files on device


Google has launched a new application for devices running on Android named ” Files Go “. It will help clean mobile memory and space storage.

About it

File Go is a type of memory and storage management application. It helps to free up your RAM and organizes applications on your smartphone for quick search. The application also has some personalized features like deletion of unused applications, duplicates, chunk files, images, and videos. Files Go utilizes the new advanced technology of recognition developed by Google.

It also allows you to save the files on Google drive platform for cloud access from anywhere. The application also allows you to transfer files to other smartphones at very high speeds. The files can be transmitted to other devices without the use of mobile data. The data can to other smartphones at a speed of up to 125 Mbps.

The Files go application is available on   Google Play Store for download on any Android device running on Android 5.0 lollipop or above. Link for download is here.

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