GoPro Hero 6 with GP One Launched!! Detailed Specs and Overview

GoPro has launched Go Pro 6, a new installment to Go Pro Family. Last two years has been little tough for the Go Pro Family as they were not been able to strike right cords with their product leading to fall of shares and employees being dismissed. But this Go Pro actually looks as very promising prospect. Nick Goodman (GoPro CEO & Founder) is quiet enthusiastic and confident about the product

GoPro Hero 6 features its own custom image processor named as GP1. It’s the first GoPro with company’s own chip, as prior they were dependent on Ambarella for GoPro processor. Earlier they have limitations on chip department which now GoPro can customize according to their own needs, giving extra edge to add variable features.

Source : GoPro

Go Pro Hero 6 Features & Specs

• 4K at 60fps/2K at 120fps/1080p at 240fps (Slow motion)
• New algorithm for stabilisation
• Waterproof to 10m (33 feet)
• Two screens: one front, one back
• 3 times faster WiFi Support for fast transfer of Images
• 12MP camera
• Wake Up Mode
• Increased Low Light Performance
• 5GHz Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth, accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope,Bluetooth
• 10 languages voice control
• Digital Zoom on Touch Screen
• 18-megapixel 360-degree spherical photos, and record 360-degree audio.
• Fusion 360-degree Camera

GoPro Hero 6 action camera can now record 4k at 60 fps and 1080p at 240 fps producing a mind boggling slow motion video & highly improved Ultra HD images

Source : GoPro (360-degree Fusion)

It features two cameras (one on the front and the back) capturing 5.2K HD video at 30 fps. It can capture 18-megapixel 360-degree spherical photos, and record 360-degree audio.

In addition to it GoPro Hero 6 uses HVEC codec, improving on power consumption or heat dissipation while still maintaining excellent Image quality & color reproduction.It features new improved & enhanced image stabilization algorithm. Having a history as action camera, Image/Video stabilization counts as major feature of this product. It can click really astonishing photos with High Dynamic Range, vibrant colors and precise detailing.

Wake Up or Voice mode enables users to rouse camera from slumber state of many hours

GoPro Hero QuikStories

GoPro users have benefit of QuikStories feature launched by GoPro year ago, it let users to quickly transfer the footage to smartphone and give professional edge to it with its various filters.With GP1 chip on-board, now it allows to transfer photos 3 times faster than previous GoPro 5

Go Pro Hero 6 Price

Go Pro Hero 6 is quite superior to GoPro 5 in numerable ways and hence we can see an increment in its price. Hero 6 Black is available at the price of $ 499

Go Pro Hero 6 Release Date

Go Pro Hero 6 has been launched in an event on 28th September 2017 & can be bought by GoPro official website


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