Hajime no Ippo 1235 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Story Plot

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In the next chapter, we will see that Miyata female colleague gets startled to know that Miyata wants to quit the work. Her colleague requests her to continue with the job but Miyata answers her badly. He stresses that things which are going on with the convenience store do not make sense to him.

Miyata likes to work at the store because its near to home and salary is good, but hit on annoys him with disgusts

When Miyata was about to leave the store, Aoki and Tomika appear. They put the items on the desk and Aoki ask Miyata to do his cashier job. Miyata unwillingly does his job, then Aoki says to Miyata, you were struggling in your last game. Does the retirement of someone worry you?

Miyata kept ignoring the Aoki, but Aoki keeps talking and says your objective is not clear and it is not the ring anymore

Aoki purchases a lot of condoms for himself and Miyata says its too much for you, but Aoki tells him to mind his business and leaves the store.

Hajime no Ippo 1235 Spoilers

Hajime no Ippo 1235 Spoilers

Then Kimura comes to the store,

Kimura also try to help out Miyata feelings, he tells Miyata to quit his job and focus on getting world title and have a comfortable life

Miyata says is this your thoughts on the world champion, that is really disgraceful.

Kimura gets angry on this and asks the wage of Miyata which is 22$ per hour. The convenience store manager is a female, that is why she has given a bad wage to the Miyata. Kimura says there are things which only talented people can pull off, so do not waste it.

When Kimura leaves, we see the entry of Takamura, he says he saw the poster at the front door and that is my cat which lost a week ago. Miyata says stop lying on this, Takamura and Miyata have an argument, and Takamura says to get rid off the doubts and take action before becoming a piece of waste.

Miyata after having the conversation with Aoki, Kimura and Takamura won’t be able to sleep properly. Ippo wakes in the morning and says I slept well, lets us go Wanpo

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