Hajime no Ippo 1236 Manga Chapter Spoilers, Summary

Hajime no Ippo 1236 Chapter Spoilers

In the Hajime no Ippo 1236 chapter, we will observe that Ippo and Wano are heading for the roadwork at 5 am in the morning. The weather is very favourable and Ippo is extremely excited as it is a great day for fishing

While saying so he hopes that the customers today will have a successful fishing and he is shadow boxing

In the next moment, we see the entry of Taihei. He tries to imitate the shadow boxing done by Ippo.

Taihei asks Ippo, what kind of shadow boxing you were doing, I was not even able to locate your fist and being the Japan champion is truly amazing

Taihei says he found Ippo as the former Japan champion. He says while looking out for you, he asked several people for a man with a huge white dog. Then he found Ippo doing his roadwork early in the morning

Taihei says he was not aware when Ippo will come, so he was waiting here and it is the first time he woke up so early

Ippo thought in his mind that Taihei has come to take his revenge, so ignores him and ask him to go away. But Taihei pleads the Ippo to teach him boxing and making him his student

Once hearing this out, Ippo runs at full speed but Taihei tries to chase him

Hajime no Ippo 1236 Chapter Spoilers

Taihei says kindly wait for me master and listen to my saying please. But Taihei could not keep up with the Ippo stamina and falls down. Then Ippo asks Taihei, why do you want to box, Taihei says he liked the boxing since he was a little kid, then Ippo tells him to go to the gym. Taihei says he wants to become better before hitting the Kamogawa gym straight away. That is why he wants to train under Ippo and then go for pro boxing

Hajime no Ippo 1236 Chapter Spoilers

Ippo mocks him saying after running just a small distance you got tired and you want to become a pro boxer without proper training, in Ippo perception its total ignorance.

Taihei realizes that Ippo knew his name surprisingly he has not even formally introduced himself. Then Taihei realizes Teru must have told the Ippo and he gets furious. Ippo was just about to say something but in the next moment chapter ends