Handbag Review – Decent Direction Coupled With Good Message

The Handbag Review

Handbag, this 8 minutes long short story is written and directed by Mansi Aggarwal. It basically depicts the actual situation of the everyday lives of all women, this short story is quite relatable. As the name itself suggests ‘the handbag’, is based on women and their relationship with their handbags. (Handbag Review)

One may find anything and everything in a women’s bag, but with all the stuff comes great responsibilities that a woman carries every day. This short film beautifully depicts how an introvert girl, after an incident becomes an independent woman.

The Handbag Review

Handbag Review –

The film opens showing a girl getting ready and stuffing many things such as a wallet, a notepad, a bunch of safety pins and others in her quite old looking bag. She then goes out and meets her friend, they go together on a bike when the girl sits on the bike, her bag is the line separating the girl and her male friend, to which her male friend replies “kab tak ye bag ki line bana kar rakhogi humare beech mein?”.

After watching a movie together they go and have snacks outside, there during their conversation the boy asks her to change her old bag to which she replies that she had started her job recently and that she did not have time for all of this. Her friend also goes to a shop to buy her a bag, but all the bags were out of their reach. While returning home, someone snatched her bag.

Handbag Review –

She was too dumbstruck to react and could not even make noise or go behind that snatcher. At this time she recalled an incident of her childhood, where while playing 4 boys snatch her bag away and start playing with it, she was helpless and just cried sitting on a bench, the boys when saw her crying returned her bag. This thought changed her for better. The next day when she went again to meet her friend, he informed her that her bag was found but the cash was missing, only her cards were left behind. Her reply was quite astonishing for the audience, she said that she didn’t want ‘that’ bag again. She turned out to be a confident, motivated and a better person.

Handbag is the realistic short film that gives a good glimpse into the lives of the main character. A good watch for all those who want something different and unique.


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