Harry Potter Wizards Unite Update Not Working | Wizards Unite Down, Issues, bug fixes

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Game

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a new ‘Augmented Reality’ game from the house of Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go. The Pokemon game for mobile is still very popular among Pokemon fans. Now the company is once again creating the magic of big franchise like Harry Potter into world of augmented reality with Harry Potter Wizards Unite game. The game is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. The game will be rolled out to other regions of the world pretty soon.

But like every game, Harry Potter Wizards Unite also has few bugs and issues . The major reason for this is the number of smartphones we currently have on the market. Many devices have their own customized OS, which sometimes does not support the game properly and results in many in-game issues and bugs. In the article below, we have listed all the bugs which are currently troubling the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Update Not Working

1) Harry Potter Wizards Unite Frozen or Struck

The game can hang up and freeze any time. It can be during the loading screen while opening the app. It can also freeze while playing the game, or it can stop working altogether.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

If you are facing any of these issues, you are required to close and restart the game.

How to fix Harry Potter Wizards Unite by restarting the app

To fix the Harry Potter Wizards Unite freezing problem, you have to use these below mentioned steps.

1) You need to tap the recent button or square icon on your phone screen

2) Then you need to eliminate Harry Potter Wizards Unite from the recent menu

3) Then return to your Apps screen and re-open Pokemon Go.

Updating to the latest version of Harry Potter Wizards Unite

If your game is freezing and crashing frequently, you need to check if there are any new update available for the game. There could be any bug in the previous version which might be freezing the game, so updating the game might resolve your issue.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

How to Update Harry Potter Wizards Unite

1) Open the Google Play Store on your phone
2) Go to the My Apps and Games section from the left sidebar, or you can directly search the app on Google Play Store.
3) When you see the game or app screen, click on the update button. It will automatically start updating your game if the internet is switched on your device.

GPS signal not found in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Games like Harry Potter Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go require GPS signals to work properly. Most of the game features only activate if you have an active GPS signal. If GPS connectivity is not active on your device, the game will not work. If your GPS connection is on, but you are still getting a GPS connectivity error there can be some permission issues with the game.

You can follow these steps to fix the GPS connectivity and permissions issues for Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

1) Open Settings
2) Click on Apps and Notifications
3) Look for Harry Potter Wizards Unite App
4) Click on Permissions
5) Toggle Location

Avatar not moving with me in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The game is still in its early releases, so keep checking if there is any update to the game. Keep the game updated to the latest version as it might fix out the bugs of the previous version. Also, there can be some compatibility issues with your smartphone. For that you have to wait for Niantic to provide a stable update for your device.

Not in the range of Spawning Items in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Many players have reported on the issue of not being in the range of spawning items. Some players are not able to interact with inns and greenhouses

Well, we have to wait for the fix from Niantic on this issue. We are sure they will fix this issue in the next major update.

Nothing is showing on Screen in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

If you open the game and finds nothing nearby your Avatar, it may be due to the issue with smartphone GPS permission. The game requires an active GPS with proper permissions to showcase the ‘Wizarding World’ around you in Augmented Reality.

Check if Harry Potter Wizards Unite is Down

If you are getting none of these issues, but have still not been able to play the game. It could be that the Harry Potter Wizards Unite server is down.

The easiest way to check if the game servers are properly running or not. You can visit the website Downdetector and check if the server issues are happening globally or for any specific regions.

Check the known issue database

If you are persistently having problems with the game, it should be a known issue with the game and Niantic has already identified it and is working on a fix.

If you are having trouble with the gameplay of the game, you can visit the  Harry Potter Wizards Unite Support website. The website keeps updating any known issues and also offers a workable solution to the problem.

Portkey Portmanteau walking distance shows complete, but Portkey Portmanteau is not unlocked

Many players are experiencing this issue, and Niantic is already aware of it. In cases where Portkey Portmanteau distance is showing incorrect distance, players need to walk a little extra distance until the gauge fills up to unlock Portkey Portmanteau.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Portkey

Delays when switching between AR and AR+ modes for iOS devices

If you own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+, the game may delay between AR and AR+ mode.

In AR+ mode, Encounters may occasionally drift to the left of the screen.

Players experiencing this issue should disable the AR+ mode from the settings menu.

Inverted navigation inside of the Portkey

Navigation may get inverted if you are moving the device around inside of the Portkey.

Foe icon displays it incorrectly

Niantic is aware of this issue and working for its correction. Under this issue, the Foe icon is incorrectly indicating that a fellow player is engaged in a battle with a foe.

Potion brewing push notifications inside Greenhouse or Inn triggers Black Screen

To resolve this issue, players are required to close and restart the app

Using the back button on Potion causes the app to get stuck (Android)

If you use an android system back button on the Potion information page, it may not allow the users to access the Master Notes screen. You are required to restart the app in order to resolve this issue.

Missing Potion brewing notification

Many players are not receiving any notification when potion brewing is completed. You have to wait for this fix to come from Niantic.

Swiping up on a plant in the pot will cause the plant to get stuck

To prevent this issue, you need to avoid swiping too fast.