Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event is here-New Tavern Brawl

Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event

This is the time of Winter Holidays on our world. It is obvious that the gaming world will also release their Winter Holiday Events. Hence, Hearthstone players will be getting the Winter Veil 2018 Event. So let’s get into the details of Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event.

Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event

This year, the Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event will be bringing a number of changes to the game. The first change will be seen when you log into the game. A quest called “Happy Winter Veil” will appear. For that to be completed, you have to play 100 cards in the Play Mode. As a reward, you will get 4 card packs from The Boomsday Project Expansion.

Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event 1

Apart from the quest, there will be a limited-time bundle in the Hearthstone Store available to be purchased also. The Winter Veil Wonder Bundle includes 30 packs in it and costs $19.99. The 30 packs are broken according to the expansions in a group of six. The packs will be from The Boomsday Project, The Witchwood, Kobolds and Catacombs, Knights of the Frozen Throne and Journey to Un’Goro.

Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event-New Tavern Brawl

The main part of the Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event is the new Tavern Brawl, Returns and Exchanges. In this, you have to build a deck of 20 cards. Over that, 10 random spell cards will be added to the deck to make it 30 cards in total. During the start of the match, each player will mulligan for the opening hand. After that, the player’s deck is gifted to the opponent.

The life of each player has been degraded to 20 from the usual 30. Each deck contains one Gift-Receipt Card with 5 Mana cost. With that, you can refresh your mana crystals and then exchange the deck again. Also, the opponent’s Gift-Receipt Card will be destroyed. So, as soon as you get this card, play it. If you don’t, you will not be able to use it anytime in the game.

Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event 2

You have to build your deck wisely. On one hand, you have to keep your deck not too strong as you will be exchanging your deck with the opponent. Moreover, you have to think about the cards to get in the mulligan. Also, if you keep your deck to week then you will be smashed by your opponent. So you have to keep your deck balanced according to the above situations.

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Win Reward-Winter Veil Treat

You can add those cards which help you to draw cards during the brawl. You can add something like Acolyte of Pain which is also a low-cost card. Also, don’t take this brawl so seriously as this is just random. So, concentrate more on having fun during the brawl.

Hearthstone Winter Veil 2018 Event 3

By winning a Tavern Brawl, you will get a new card back. The new card is the Winter Veil Treat, which is just delicious to look at. The text behind it reads, “every deck should have 30 cards, *crunch crunch crunch*, but 29 is fine.” So, turn on your PC or Mobile and get started to win a Tavern Brawl to get this new card.


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