How Does Samsung Manage to Fold the Screen of its Foldable SmartPhone?

How Does Samsung Managed to Fold the Screen

The South Korean tech Giant has recently showcased its first foldable smartphone at the developer’s conference. As the company showcased the display of the phone was actually foldable without breaking or other damage. But the question comes how does the Samsung manage to fold the screen of the smartphone? what material was used? Will the display be foldable thousands of times.

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How Does Samsung Managed to Fold the Screen

Well, the company explained why Samsung was able to make a foldable screen.
According to the report, Samsung and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. ( A Japanese chemical company) have collaborated to produce a “luxury” touch transparent polyimide that can be bent multiple times without any visible change.

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Under the hood, it will bond to the flexible OLED panel below, using a very durable and flexible adhesive that Samsung has developed and used for many years, which allows the display or the device to bend a little in the middle without deformation or damage. This special type of elastic adhesive is called an optically clear adhesive film (OCA) that can be bent thousands of times and retains its original size and shape.

How Does Samsung Managed to Fold the Screen

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Another Japanese manufacturer, Nichido Denko, is said to produce a polarizer film for curved displays, which itself is the type used in the current Galaxy S9 or Note 9 models. It sounds like the Samsung Infinity Flex display uses a lot of Japanese technology, but the elastic hinge of the device comes from KH Vatec in South Korea.

However, the foldable phone might not replace the current traditional smartphones but it will definitely give new ways to a new type of stretchable displays for the future generation of the smartphones. What are your thoughts regarding the Foldable smartphone of Samsung? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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