Here is How many cheaters are banned in PUBG? The number is Huge

How many cheaters are banned in PUBG

The developers of the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continue to struggle with cheating. As the user of the social news resource Reddit, sjk045, has calculated, the number of PUBG players blocked for cheating has already reached 13 million.

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Statistics were derived from weekly reports on Bluehole, the parent company of PUBG Corp. Note that in February 2018, the BattlEye team of the anti-reading system reported on overcoming the 1 million bans mark. As BattlEye noted at the time, the situation with cheating in the game continues to get worse. The sharp rise in cheating began in October and has been growing ever since.

Here is How many cheaters are banned in PUBG?

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