How to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9

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How to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9 –

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched finally in the Samsung’s popular unpacked global event at Barclays Center in New York along with Galaxy Watch, Wireless Charger Duo, new Bixby and a new device series Bixby home speaker on 9th of August with a similar full view display design which also packs a all new S Pen, which is able to a lot more, like taking selfies with the S Pen, using it as a remote control, without touching the devcie. Samsung features its personal assistant Bixby 2.0, with the Galaxy Note 9 and a dedicated button to activate Bixby as in previous Galaxy S8 and S9 series. Samsung’s own personal assistant works good, but some users like Google Assistant more than other assistant. Mainly because it’s a little more intelligent than Bixby, and comes with integration with the every Google app. But it’s not a big trouble, you can use Google Assistant in Galaxy Note 9, you just need to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9. So, here we will discuss steps for how to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9.

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How to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9 –

STEP 1 –

Firstly, you need to disable the physical Bixby button, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 series comes with a dedicated button to activate the virtual assistant, Bixby like we have seen in Galaxy S9 series, this button do nothing but only activates Bixby. Samsung allows to let users disable the physical Bixby button and this can be done easily. Firstly, hit the button to activate Bixby and tap on the gear icon at the top, which will open a toggle, as shown. Simply tap on the switch to Turn it off. Doing this will Disable the Bixby Button.

how to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9

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STEP 2 –

The next step in how to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9, is to disable the Bixby voice commands. The Bixby button isn’t the only way you can command Bixby, the another method is to talk to Bixby, by saying “ Hi, Bixby” , to command and get responses back. So, to disable Bixby’s voice chats, swipe over to the left of your home screen to launch Bixby, then tap on the three-dot more menu at the top and open the settings menu, search and select the Bixby Voice option. You just need to turn it off, to stop Bixby to respond on “Hi, Bixby” commands.

how to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9

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STEP 3 –

The above two steps will do the half of the job, the last step to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9 is to disable Bixby Home. To disable Bixby Home just tap and long press on an empty section of your home screen and then continue swiping tabs to the right to find the last panel on the left. Here, you’ll find the toggle to manage Bixby Home, simply tap on the switch to turn it off completely.

how to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9

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If you’ve done all the above, you’re done with steps to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9. The same step can be done on Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 or any Samsung device having Bixby. This is the simplest step which doesn’t destroy Bixby with its roots from Galaxy Note 9, you can have it back, just revert the process back.

All this doesn’t mean that Bixby is not a successful AI program. Samsung is expanding Bixby to other devices like TVs and smart home appliances to create a wider Bixby ecosystem. And Bixby 2.0 comes with a lot more features than the previous version.



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