How to download OnePlus 6T launcher in OnePlus 6

How to download OnePlus 6T launcher

Download OnePlus 6T launcher in OnePlus 6

Finally, the most awaited smartphone by the Chinese smartphone maker has arrived, yes, we are talking about the all-new Oneplus 6T, which launched in an event in the US. The device comes with a similar build as the Oneplus 6, but with some changes, like the new notch design, now there is a waterdrop display notch, to get more out of the high-resolution AMOLED display, also, there is no fingerprint sensor at the back, as the company has introduced the new in-display fingerprint sensor in the series. Other than the above-mentioned hardware improvements, there are major software improvements like the low light photography improvements, new gestures which are coming in the Oneplus 6T with the new OxygenOS 9, which is based on Android 9. But if you have the Oneplus 6, you can get the new gestures in your Oneplus 6 device, here, we have listed the steps for, how to download OnePlus 6T launcher in OnePlus 6.

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At the launch event of the Oneplus 6T, the company showed the all-new gestures of the device and called it Gestures 2.0, as it is the upgraded version of the navigation gestures on the device, and the new gestures are very inspired by the Android Pie gestures, as we have seen in the new Google Pixel 3, which comes with Android Pie out-of-the-box. Talking about the new gestures of the Oneplus 6T, the navigation gestures works similar to what we have seen in the Android Pie navigation gestures, like swipe and hold from bottom to the recent apps, swipe up from the bottom for the home. Also, we can see the all-new recent app tray in the device, which shows the individual card of the recent apps.

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Best thing is that if you are Oneplus 6 user, you can get the OnePlus 6T launcher and the Oneplus 6T gestures in your device. For this all you need to download the apk, which can be downloaded by the link provided below. The apk is not available on the Play Store or any mirror apk website, the apk was by the good folks at XDA. Just download the APK turn on the navigation gestures and you can use the new Oneplus 6T gestures on your device easily.

DOWNLOAD OnePlus 6T Launcher APK