How to get Night Mode in PUBG Mobile

How to get Night Mode in PUBG Mobile 

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground or PUBG may be losing its hype in the PC version, but the PUBG Mobile version is still getting more popular in the mobile gaming world, with more than 100 million downloads on Play Store with millions of daily active users all over the world. To keep engaging the players, Tencent games, the developers and publisher of PUBG Mobile brings new updates with more interesting new features and improvements. Recently, Tencent brings the PUBG Mobile 0.9 update, with which a list of new features rolls out to the users on both Android and iOS platform. Other than the new weapons and vehicles, the most notable feature is the Night Mode in PUBG Mobile in Erangel map. The Night Mode is interesting as well as adventurous to play but probability to get Night Mode in PUBG Mobile matchmaking is very less, here, we will discuss, how to get Night Mode in PUBG Mobile or how to play Night Mode in PUBG Mobile more frequently.

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Night Mode in PUBG Mobile –

How to get Night Mode in PUBG Mobile 

The new PUBG Mobile 0.9 update brings the new Night Mode for Erangel map. In the new Night Mode, as you might have experienced the environment stays a little more tense, as well as more competitive and adventurous. Where you get almost no visibility, and it becomes really hard to trace and enemies, moreover, you can hide easily from other players too. Also, to get more visuals in the Night Mode in PUBG Mobile, you get a Night Vision Goggles, using which you get comparatively more visuals, but still it remains hard to trace the difference in colors, really hard and competitive.

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How to get Night Mode in PUBG Mobile 

How to get Night Mode in PUBG Mobile 

Most of the PUBG Mobile players are asking about this question constantly, that, how to play or how to enable Nigh Mode in PUBG Mobile. And they can’t find any such option to choose whether to play the normal mode or the new Night Mode. Let us tell you, there is no such option, from where you can get Night Mode in PUBG Mobile, and the Youtube videos teaching about, how to enable Night Mode in PUBG Mobile mean nothing at all. The Night Mode in a game is totally random, and moreover, the probability of getting Night Mode in a matchmaking is very low, and therefore if you are playing the game, and didn’t get Night Mode even once, there is no problem in your device or game. You can do nothing to get the Night Mode, however, you can increase the probability by simply playing more.

There is a good news for the players who didn’t get the Night Mode even once, and are eager to play it. The developers posted officially on Twitter that the Night Mode in PUBG Mobile has been turned on to appear with 50% more chances until October 31st.


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