How to Get Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Let’s Go?

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Pokemon Let’s Go has been loved crazy by the players. The best part for the players is the shiny hunting. The rarest of the shiny Pokemon is the Shiny Mewtwo. The one question related to it is How to Get Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Let’s Go? So, let’s answer it and discuss it.

Shiny Hunting is one of the best parts of the Pokemon Let’s Go. But it has hit a fever pitch since the best Pokemon in that is the Shiny Mewtwo. Unlike the other Shiny Pokemon’s, the process to get Shiny Mewtwo in the game is completely different.

How to Get Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Let’s Go

To get Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Let’s Go, you have to follow the first rule. That is, not to encounter it. Well, it sounds absurd, I know, but yes, don’t encounter it without saving the game. Save the game first and then jump for battle so that you don’t have to find the rare Pokemon again if you lose the battle.

Shiny Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave

The final Boss Mewtwo is located in the Cerulean Cave. The Cerulean Cave will only be accessed by those players who have crossed and completed the Kanto region and have defeated the Elite Four. It is only then that the players are gonna get to face Mewtwo.

Things to do to get Shiny Mewtwo Pokemon Let’s Go

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For the other shiny Pokemon, the strategy to catch them is the standard one. It is to get a lure on, have a catch combo of 31+ and hold a shiny charm. But for Mewtwo, things are different. It is the rarest and the best Shiny Pokemon, hence there are different rules to get Shiny Mewtwo.

Should You Use Catch Combo?

Well, we all know catch combo increases the odds of spawning of a shiny Pokemon. That is true for all the shiny Pokemon, even Shiny Mewtwo. But in case of Shiny Mewtwo, till we get a 31 catch combo, the more attempts make the odds worse than before. So, in the case of Shiny Mewtwo, no Catch Combo!!

Should You Use Lure?

A lure increases the spawn rate of a Pokemon. So, yes it does work on Shiny Pokemon too. But you know what? Shiny Mewtwo doesn’t even care about that. Ye, there’s no such effect of Lure on Mewtwo. Though it’s not yet confirmed officially. So, if you have enough lures and you don’t mind using one, then mo waste in doing that.

Should You Use Shiny Charm?

Well, a good news is, Shiny Charm is one thing that will make a difference in getting Shiny Mewtwo. Well, you must be thinking, how to get a Shiny Charm as it needs a Pokedex to be complete. Well, you can use a trick here. You can transfer a Mewtwo from Pokemon Go and can complete the Pokedex. There you go, you can now obtain a shiny charm by going to the Game Director in Celadon City. It makes a huge difference in the odds. If the lure is assumed to be redundant then the new odds to find a Shiny Mewtwo will be 1 in 1,365 with Shiny Charm from 1 in 4,096 without it.

Skip Cutscenes

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For getting Shiny Mewtwo, you have to maximize the odds and increase the speed of finding the Shiny Pokemon. Another easiest thing to do to increase the spawn rate of Shiny Pokemon is to turn on the Skip Cutscenes feature. Doing so allows you to see whether a shiny has spawned far quicker.

You can turn on this feature by going into the Settings of the game and change the MOVIE SKIPPING to the on mode.

How to change Mewtwo’s Nature?

Well, you can do so only after battling Mewtwo. You can do it by visiting the Fortune Teller in Celadon City Pokemon Center and have it adjusted according to you for 10,000 Poke Dollars.

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