How to hide notch in Google Pixel 3XL

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How to hide notch in Google Pixel 3XL –

Finally, the most awaited Pixel 3/3XL launched officially at the #MadebyGoogle event held in New York, after a plethora of leaks which revealed the live images and video of the product weeks before the official launch. Google also launched Pixel Slate, rival to the iPad Pro and Google Home Hub, the all-new smart home solution by Google. The Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3XL are almost same in the under-the-hood specifications, but the Pixel 3XL comes with a different design this time. Along with a bigger display, the Pixel 3XL comes with a display notch, and the deeper notch doesn’t look good at all. Like other notched devices, the Pixel 3XL doesn’t come with a simpler option to hide the notch, but it can be done by going a deeper in the settings. Here, we will discuss, how to hide notch in Google Pixel 3XL.

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How to hide notch in Google Pixel 3XL 

STEP 1 –

First of all, in your Pixel 3XL device go to the Device Settings.


STEP 2 –

In the Settings section, you need to select the System option, scroll down, it can be found near the bottom of the settings list. And in the System, you need to select the About Phone option.


STEP 3 –

In the About Phone section, you to find the Device Build Number, for this scroll down till bottom of the list.


STEP 4 –

Now you need to turn on the Developer settings, for this, tap continuously on Device Build Number for six to seven times. Before turning on the Developer options, you will be asked for entering the passcode, simply enter the password.

If done correctly, you will be notified, by “You are now a developer!”


STEP 5 –

Now you need to back to the Settings page. Here, scroll down to fons the Developer Options.


STEP 6 –

In the Developer Options section, scroll down among all the settings carefully to find the Device Cutout.


STEP 7 –

Select the Device Cutout, and then tap on the Hide option.