How to make Custom Room in PUBG Mobile | What is Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

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How to make Custom Room in PUBG Mobile –

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale game which is currently being played by millions of active players around the world. It took no time for PUBG Mobile to gather popularity among the gamers, and the credits of this go to the exciting gameplay, good graphics and additional features included in the game like the weapon skins, new accessories, and a lot more. One of these features is the custom room feature, which allows the user to do a lot more. Custom rooms are popular but a lot of players still do not know about it. So here, we will discuss what is custom room in PUBG Mobile, also how to make custom room in PUBG Mobile.

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What is Custom Room?

So, if you are new in the game, let us tell you, what is custom room in PUBG Mobile. Actually, custom room is nothing but a private room which can be created by any player. The creator or moderator of the room can do several customizations, where the options like Solo, Duo or Squad can be chosen, and also the map can be changed too. Custom rooms can be created to organize a private tournament. Moderator can choose the privacy of the room by selecting a password for the room.

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How to make Custom Room in PUBG Mobile?

Custom room can be created easily in PUBG Mobile. To make a custom room you need a room card. Using a room card you can create unlimited rooms for a day. The room cards can be obtained from different sources and have different validity.

The first way to get the room card is by directly buying it using clan perks in the shop. For this, you need to be in a clan first. You can use the coins obtained from the clan crates to buy the room card from the Shop tab in the clan, it will cost 300 coins to buy a room card, with validity for a day.

How to make Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

The second way to get the room card using the Elite Royal Pass. Completing different challenges in Royal Pass gives you different rewards, you can complete missions to get the room card. This is a little hard, as firstly you need to buy the Elite Pass, and also you need to complete a number of challenges to get that card.

How to make Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

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How to make Custom Room –


STEP 1 –

So, as discussed above you need to buy a room card. After buying a room card, you will be authorized to create a custom room.



After this select the Room option, this can be found in the tab where you select the map or the game mode.


STEP 3 –

In Room option, there will be two options, to enter a room and to create a room, simply select the Create Room option at the bottom right corner in the yellow tab.

How to make Custom Room in PUBG Mobile


STEP 4 –

Tap on Use to continue, also you can select multiple cards to extend the validity of the custom room.

How to make Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

STEP 5 –

Next comes the customization part, where you can edit the room name, select the map, the game mode (only Classic & All Weapons available), also you can choose whether to play solo, duo or squad, whether to play in FPP or TPP.

How to make Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

STEP 6 –

At last, after doing all customizations like game mode, and game type, you can secure the room with a password, so no unwanted player can join your custom room.

Finally hit Create Room, and share the Room ID and password with your friends, so that they can join.