How to reset iPhone | How to reset iPad using iTunes

How to reset iPhone

If you are all set to buy a new smartphone and decided to leave your iPhone or iPad behind and want to sell it, you must reset it and erase all the data of the device so that your important can’t be compromised at all. There could be any other reason to reset iPhone or to reset iPad if you messed up any settings in your device and the device is not working well. For this, you can reset iPhone or iPad to the factory setting. If your device is frozen and not working at all, you can reset it with the use of iTunes on your PC/Mac. Here, we have discussed how to reset iPhone and how to reset iPad.


The steps to reset iPhone and reset iPad are same as both the devices run on iOS. This is to keep in mind that if you reset your device completely there is no way to get that back if you don’t make a backup of the data and its backup of the data on iPhone or iPad can be made in iCloud.


How to reset iPhone or How to reset iPad


You have two option to reset iPhone or to reset iPad, the first option is to reset the device completely by deleting all the content and custom settings in the iOS device. And the second option is to reset some part of the device, like home screen layout settings, location settings, keyboard dictionary settings. All of the other options to reset can be found in the Settings > General > Reset.


STEP 1 –

To reset iPhone or iPad there is same procedure, you can follow the same steps as mentioned below. And to start, first of all, go to Settings in your device and then General and find the option to Reset.


STEP 2 –

On clicking the reset option a number of options will appear on the screen, here you need to select the Erase All Content and Settings option to reset iPhone or iPad device.


STEP 3 –

After this, you may see a prompt asking you to update the iCloud backup before erasing all content and settings. Here, simply select the Back Up Then Erase option to back up your data and reset iPhone or iPad after that.


There is second with which you can continue if you don’t want to back up your data to iCloud and simply delete it. To do this, instead of selecting Backup Then Continue, select Erase Now option.


STEP 5 –

Doing this you are all set to reset iPhone or reset iPad device, at last, the for reset will appear again and you need to enter the passcode again for the confirmation.

How to factory reset iPhone or iPad using iTunes

You can also use this another procedure to reset iPhone or to reset iPad using iTunes. This procedure is useful when your iOS device can’t be used for any reason. You can use iTunes to reset the device to factory settings, you simply need to connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC or Mac.


STEP 1 –

Firstly, you have to connect your iPhone or iPad, that you want to reset with your PC or Mac


STEP 2 –

Before the connection establishes between the devices you may be asked to enter the passcode and also you will be asked: “Trust this computer” on your iPhone or iPad. Simply tap on “Trust this computer” and enter the device passcode to continue.


STEP 3 –

After connecting the iPhone or iPad, open iTunes on your PC or Mac. Wait for sometime till the icon representing the device shows up on the iTunes, click on the icon to continue. The icon can be seen below the play/pause button.


STEP 4 –

On opening the iTunes on your computer, you will find the Restore iPhone option on the screen. Click on the button and then click again on the Reset button that will pop out. This will begin to reset iPhone or iPad to the factory settings.

So, this is all about the steps, how to reset iPhone or how to reset iPad using iTunes. The steps involved are simple, but if you have queries you may ask in the comments section below.



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