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How to send stickers in Whatsapp –

Facebook-owned, Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger apps in the world, with billions of downloads in the app stores and millions of active users worldwide. The best thing about the Whatsapp is its simple design and smooth user interface, and also a number of features that it offers for its users, like the multimedia support, voice messages, video calling, voice calling, emojis and a lot more. Talking more about the emojis, Whatsapp has a long list of emojis to make a conversation more expressive, but if the available sets of emoji are not enough for you, Whatsapp is introducing the new Whatsapp Stickers feature, where, along with messages you can send stickers to the other users in a chat. The new Whatsapp stickers feature is currently announced for the Android users, however, iOS users need to wait a little more for this feature. If you are interested, you can try stickers in Whatsapp on your device. Here, we have listed the steps for how to send stickers in Whatsapp.

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The new Whatsapp Stickers feature will be out soon with a new app update and will roll out to all the Android devices globally. Where the new feature has been introduced for the Android devices, there is no official statement for the iOS version of Whatsapp sticker. Officially the company stated that the Stickers will roll out for the iOS devices in the coming weeks, well, again there’s no particular date, but we will let you know, just stay tuned to VoStory. Also, if you are an Android device user, and still didn’t get the new update with the Whatsapp Stickers feature at the time of reading this post, and you still want to try out the stickers, you can download the Beta version of the app, where you can easily send stickers to any chat.

How to send stickers in Whatsapp

Whatsapp introduced the new Whatsapp Stickers to make a conversation more expressive, as we all are aware of the fact that text messages or chat can never replace the voice calls, in terms of expressing emotions, also it is not feasible for the user to do voice call at any point of time, so, Whatsapp, in order to make a conversation more meaningful, introduced the stickers, as we can already see in the parent company’s messenger app, that is, Facebook Messenger, which comes with a variety of stickers, also user can download any sticker package according to their liking. Whatsapp works in a similar way, by default there are 12 sticker package and user can download any of them, also there is an option to download more sticker package available on Play Store for free.

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How to send stickers in Whatsapp

STEP 0 –

First of all, you need to make sure that you have the updated version of Whatsapp Android app. For this, simply visit the Play Store and check if the update is available for the device, or simply visit the link down below.



STEP 1 –

After making sure that you have the updated version of the Whatsapp app, simply open the app and select a chat, and tap on the Emoji icon or the smiley icon at near the “Type a message” section at the bottom of the screen.

How to send stickers in Whatsapp


STEP 2 –

On selecting the Emoji icon, you will find the familiar emoji section and at the bottom, you will find the Emoji icon, GIF icon and at last Sticker icon near the GIF icon.

How to send stickers in Whatsapp


STEP 3 –

Simply select the Sticker icon to continue. You will see a number of stickers here, with the default package, which comes with a limited number of stickers. Simply in a chat, tap on any sticker that you want to send.

How to send stickers in Whatsapp


STEP 4 –

You can swipe left and right to find more stickers of different icon packages in the Sticker section.


STEP 5 –

If you need to add more stickers, you can add more stickers easily. For this, tap on the plus (+) icon at the right side of the section, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

How to send stickers in Whatsapp


STEP 6 –

This will show a total of 12 Sticker package, you can download any of the packages if you like. Simply, tap on the download icon near the sticker section to make it available for your app.

How to send stickers in Whatsapp


STEP 7 –

If the default sticker package is not enough for you, you can try searching the new packages in the Play Store, to do this, simply tap on the GET MORE STICKERS options at the bottom of the screen.

How to send stickers in Whatsapp


After downloading the stickers package that looks fine for you, simply open the chat, Sticker section and swipe right to find the new downloaded stickers. You can download as many as you like, there are no limitations for that, and a single sticker package takes only around 400 Kb of space.

So, this is all about, how to send stickers in Whatsapp. This feature will roll out slowly for all the devices, you can update your Whatsapp messenger, but if the Sticker feature is not available for your device, and still you want to try the app, you can download the Whatsapp Beta version.

To send stickers in Whatsapp beta app, firstly download the app. Simply, visit the link below to download the Beta version apk. Install the apk, and register your mobile number and simply send stickers to your friends and family.

DOWNLOAD WhatsApp Beta Version