How to Unlock Caustic and Mirage in Apex Legends Game? 


Apex Legends is a newly launched battle royale game. It has already attracted millions of players around the world and is currently free-to-play on all platforms.

The Apex Legends game features a total of eight legends and each one of them has a unique ability. But two of its legends, Caustic and Mirage, need to be unlocked to play with them.

How to Unlock Caustic and Mirage in Apex Legends Game?

In order to unlock both these characters, either you have to level up your profile by winning the matches or you have to spend some money to buy Apex Coins.

Apex Legends

The first way to unlock legends is tough as it requires you to earn 24,000 Legend Tokens. To unlock either one of them requires 12,000 Legends Tokens. To earn this much amount of Legend Tokens you need to play really well.

Once you have collected this many tokens you can go to the Legends Tab in the lobby area and click on the Legend you wish to unlock.

Another way to unlock these legends is by spending some money. You can unlock these two legends by purchasing Apex Coins through the in-game store. Each of these legends requires 750 Apex Coins to unlock them. The minimum amount of Apex Coins you can buy from the in-game store is 1000. You will need 2000 Apex Coins to unlock both of them.



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