How to unlock the new Ashe sprays in Overwatch Game


Black Friday 2018 is just two days away and the biggest sale for the year is about to hit the retail and online stores. Following the Black Friday and huge discount on items, the gaming companies also do not want to be left behind.

Many gaming companies are offering a huge amount of discount on their games, also the gaming console manufacturers are also the part of this discount party offering great deals and discount for their customers

Blizzard is also offering free “Overwatch” game access for a whole week from November 21st, 2018 to November 26th, 2018. In addition that, Blizzard has introduced three new Ashe sprays which are also the part of Overwatch’s free-to-pay week

How to unlock the new Ashe sprays in Overwatch Game

In order to get your free Ashe’s spray, you are required to watch Overwatch stream on Twitch for a couple of hours. It also requires you to connect the Blizzard and Twitch Accounts while watching the stream. You need to sign-in both the accounts and link them. Twitch has been a prime place for gamers to stream their games and also to watch the major stream and official tournament and by offering free game access for a period of a week is likely to attract more players to the game

This is a great move from Blizzard to increase the popularity of Overwatch game among the gaming community. Also, the Overwatch esports has grown to a much larger extent from the last year.


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