How to use Fortnite Chiller Trap Item ? Travel Fast on Fortnite Map

Fortnite v6.01 update patch notes

Epic Games has today released update v6.01 for the Fortnite Battle Royale game. It is the first major update for the Season 6 which has brought a variety of items and modes to the game. A new item called as Chiller Trap has been introduced into the game. The players have already started experimenting with this new item and using it for their benefit.

Chillar Trap is an item just like the bouncer, which can be placed anywhere on floor, wall or ceiling, but the difference is instead of bouncing, if anyone gets in touch with this chiller trap, the player feet will get covered with ice blocks.

How to use Fortnite Chiller Trap Item

How to use Fortnite Chiller Trap Item

One of the Reddit user VeSportsHades has shared a video on the FortniteBR official Reddit, demonstrating a fast way to travel across the Fortnite Map with the help of Chillar Trap.

The Floating Island is moving across the map and the first location it headed was Corrupted areas, and leaving a number of craters there which throws players into the air.

By placing the Chillar Trap just before the crater, one need to dash over the trap and the Crater bouncing effecting will increase you speeding after landing on the ground with ice cubes on both feet and let you travel distance at greater speed. For reference, you can check the video below

How to use Fortnite Chiller Trap Item

Chiller + Rune = Fast Rotations from r/FortNiteBR