How to Use WhatsApp group Video Calling feature

WhatsApp Group Video Calls

How to Use WhatsApp group Video Calling feature | group Video Calling WhatsApp

Facebook back in may at its F8 developer’s conference announced that the WhatsApp will be receiving the group video calling feature in near future and yesterday the WhatsApp in a blog post announced that the Group video/voice calling feature is now live.

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Do you also want to use the group video call feature in WhatsApp?  The method is pretty simple and straightforward, just have to do a few clicks and you will be able to make a group video call with your friends. So read on further, how to Use WhatsApp group Video Calling feature.

Here are the Steps to use the WhatsApp group Video Call feature

NOTE: To use the WhatsApp group video calling feature, you need to have the latest version of the WhatsApp installed on your device.

Get the latest version of the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 0 :

Once you have the updated WhatsApp to the latest version, just open it from your home screen or from the app drawer.

Step 1 :

Now, head to the Calls tab.

How to Use WhatsApp group Video Call feature

Step 2 :

Now, Tap on the dialer (call) icon present at the bottom right of your screen.

How to Use WhatsApp group Video Call feature

Step 3 :

As soon as you tap the dialer icon a list of all your contacts will appear. Now choose anyone with whom you want to video/voice call in the group.

Step 4 :

Now as the first member picks up your call and you are in a one-on-one call. An option at the top right of your screen will be present to add another member. So just tap on it an add the second member to the call.

How to Use WhatsApp group Video Call feature

Step 5 :

Follow the above steps to add another member to the group call.

NOTE: Only 4 members can call in a group in WhatsApp means you along with three other can video/voice call in a group.

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So that’s all folks, this is How you can group call in WhatsApp. However, the number is limited to only four in WhatsApp but in Facetime, on iOS, up to 32 people can group call at once. In the future, we can except from WhatsApp to increase the limit from 4.

Moreover, if you have any further query then feel free to mention in the comments section below, we would love to help you.


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