HP Windows MR Headset &Omen Gaming Accessories Launched in INDIA


HP today in India launched windows Mixed reality Headset along with a couple of Omen Gaming accessories, including the Omen Steel Series Keyboard, the Omen Mouse 600, the Omen Headset 800, and curiously, even a mouse-pad that costs ₹2,199.

HP Windows MR Headset

HP today launched the Windows MR Headset in India, with twin 1440×1440 displays for a high-res gaming experience, and a ₹51,187 price-tag. It has a double-padded headset for comfort, and supports easy-adjustment knob for better ergonomics.

OMEN Steel Series Gaming Keyboard

The Steel Series Keyboard comes with mechanical switches and N-key Rollover for anti-ghosting. It comes with an price tag of ₹9,999.

OMEN Mouse 600

The Omen Mouse 600 comes with mechanical switches that can last up to 50 million clicks. It is priced at ₹4,999.

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HP OMEN MOUSE 600OMEN Headset 800

The Omen Headset 800 offers an enhanced acoustic performance and has a specifically tuned audio profile for clear speech, claims HP. It has a price-tag of ₹6,999.

OMEN Headset 800

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