Huawei beats Apple in Sales ?

Huawei, the Chinese phone maker giant has beaten the Apple in terms of Sales in the second quarter of the year & reaching to the second position on the list of global sales. Well it’s a beginning of the third quarter, as it’s rival Apple has launched iPhone X, it’s like to capture the third quarter of the year making it ahead of Huawei. But these 2nd quarter results will only bring positives to the company as they are looking forward to take over both Apple and Samsung in coming time. In the race of global sales Samsung is way ahead of it’s rivals Apple and Huawei , being the top on list of global sales. Talking about statistics Huawei shipped 35.8 million phones in the second quarter of the year, meanwhile Samsung has shipped 79.8 million phones in the second quarter of the year. The market being competitive every hour, the big companies need to keep improving & evolving to keep their places secure.


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