Huawei P20 Dropped from 21st floor : Here is What happened.


Huawei P20 Dropped from 21st floor and it is Still Working.

Huawei P20 smartphone “survived” after falling from the 21st floor. Of course, the smartphone in the photo does not look very presentable, but it continues to work.

The user of Huawei P20 managed to drop the smartphone from the 21st floor, as a result, the device fell on the pavement under the windows. Everyone, including the owner, thought that the smartphone had crashed into a cake, but it turned out to be stronger than expected.

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Huawei P20 Dropped from 21st floor : Here is What happened.

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The screen and the back panel crashed, the case itself bent and the rear camera broke. However, the smartphone turns on, recognizes the user by face, Bluetooth, Internet and instant messenger work correctly. Note that a drop from a height of 50 meters is far from the standard strengths of smartphones and this unit was just lucky to land successfully.

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Here is What the owners Posted :

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