Hunter x Hunter 383 Manga Raw Confirmed Spoilers


Sale Sale is absent due to his illness and this has been announced at the banquet. First and second prince is also not present there, Senritsu does think it is good as Nen users are not available. After Senritsu flute performance, Kachou and Fugetsu will perform for the main event. When Senritsu is about to perform, Kachou, Fugetsu, and Keeny wear earplugs. Senritsu says if she will play the flute nicely she can bound people to it for 3 minutes and disconnect them from outer world sounds. When she starts playing the flute, it’s very it just spellbound everyone. Keeny takes the two the rescue boat

It took less than 2 minutes to get them to the rescue boat. They will take the help of door ability if they will be caught by someone. When Keeny completes his mission, he shoots himself in the head. The reason for him to commit suicide is to make everyone seem like, the ones who are escaping, it is their own decision and HxH association is not associated with this.

Hunter X Hunter 383 Manga Raw

Hunter x Hunter 383 Manga Raw Confirmed Spoilers

Two weeks back, Keeny told that he will be finally able to meet his wife and daughter in heaven and after listening to the heartbeat, Senritsu understands that she can’t be convinced now.

While being on the boat on which they are escaping, they see an exit door and think they made it, but when they look back, a lot of people are chasing them. Kachou understands that running away from the ceremony is equal to death, so she tells Fugetsu to user her power. She puts Fugetsu inside the door. Kachou also manages to get inside the door and both of them realize, how difficult is the ceremony. They went back to the room and sleep together

Kachou’s nen beast: if either one of Kachou or Fugetsu dies, then the nen beast will take the form of the one who dies, and protect the other one forever. On the rescue boat, Kachou’s corpse can be seen.