Hunter X Hunter Chapter 382 Manga Raw Scans Confirmed Summary

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 382 Manga Raw Scans

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese manga, which has been penned down by Yoshihiro Togashi. The manga follows the story of a boy named as Gon Freecss, who pursue his father footsteps to become a Hunter, a profession who quests to locate rare and unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored areas or hunting people who do not follow the law

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 382 Manga Raw Scans

In chapter 382 of Hunter X Hunter, we will see a conversation between Nasubi and Halken.

Halken tries re-convince Nasubi to stop the ceremony but Nasubi replies that it is very late to do it now.

Halken says to Nasubi, it is not late yet. Nasubi asks Halken do not you agree with the Ceremony.

Halken responds back saying he was not aware that we had to kill each other.

Nasubi answers back it’s one of the segments of King’s Qualification to be able to react to things after the fact

Halken points the gun at Nasubi and says you either have to choose to stop the ceremony or get shot.

Halken shoots at Nasubi but his nen beast protects him.

Nasubi says if you won’t shoulder sin, it difficult to become a king and hence you can’t change the Kingdom.

Firstly, you have to become the King and you can bring changes to the Kingdom. Then You can say King is not needed anymore if you feel so.

After hearing this lecture from Nasubi Halken agrees to participate in the competition.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 382 Manga Raw Scans

Once Benjamin gets to know that Halken has failed to kill Nasubi he contacts his private guard Shikaku.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 382 Manga Raw Scans

But Shikaku was also put to sleep by Halken’s nen beast so he could not accompany him at the time of the meeting.

When Shikaku regains consciousness he tries to get rid off Halken.

When Halken returns to his room, he encounters Shikaku.

While sensing out a great aura of Halken, Kurapika refocuses his mind.

On the other hand, we see Sale Sale has been killed by Uhyo and he is lying on the bed while few women try to perform life-saving activities

So this was the confirmed summary and Hunter X Hunter Chapter 382 Manga Raw Scans