Hyperloop introduces its first full-scale passenger capsule

Hyperloop introduces its first full-scale passenger capsule

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) today announced the completion of the construction of the first full-scale passenger capsule. The equipment called Quintero One was produced in Spain and is composed almost entirely of Vibranium, a clever double-layer composite developed by HTT.

The capsule was exhibited in Spain at an event that also celebrated the five years of Hyperloop. The construction of the equipment was carried out by the company while it was designed by the consultancy specializing in transport design- Priestman Goode.

To reach its first full-scale passenger capsule, Quintero One has 21,000 hours of specialized engineering and 5,000 hours of specialized assembly. Other features of the machine include:

  • Length: 32 meters
  • Inside cabin length: 15 meters
  • Weight: 5,000 kg
  • 82 carbon fiber panels
  • 72 sensors
  • 75 thousand rivets
  • 72 thousand square meters of fiber

The next step, now, is to take the capsule to the city of Toulouse, France, where is the research and development center of HTT. There, it will be assembled and integrated into the system before being used.

“The creation of this capsule represents a journey of more than a year of experience in design, engineering, and development of cutting-edge materials,” said HyperloopTT co-founder and CEO Dirk Ahlborn.

Hyperloop introduces its first full-scale passenger capsule

“In just five years, we have solved and perfected all the technology required for Hyperloop with our new levitation system, vacuum pumps, batteries, and intelligent composites. This capsule will be part of one of the most efficient transport systems ever made, “he says.

HTT guarantees that the Quintero One capsule will be ready and optimized for passenger use by 2019.