The Identity and Power of Kawaki


Kawaki member of Kara: what you need to know about the biggest supervillain character

The one apparently takes out both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha;

The Era of Shinobi was over

One of the biggest anime villains is Kawaki, a future rival of Boruto Uzumaki from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The supervillain introduced in the first chapter of Boruto series standing efficacious along with Boruto Uzumaki making it most intriguing aspect of this anime. This supervillain closest analogue might be Otsutsuki’s Sage mode abilities including both close-range combat and power shockwave, having powerful markings same as Boruto. The supervillain, Kawaki, has already debuted in the manga.

Who is Kawaki?

According to the fan-made theories, in a shinobi world where most people live enthusiastically and peacefully, an orphan boy name Kawaki was originally raised solely by a drunkard and physical abuse man is part of 10 per cent of the population born in harsh condition. Later on, Jigen bought him with fortune and taking over his custody told him to make himself at ease from now. A boy with highly aggressive nature towards those who oppose him and at the same time, tranquil nature when questioning strangers hold a deep grievance against Kara organization.
Kawaki dream is to end the shinobi era once an for all as he became driven by Jigen, a conclusion he apparently started to despise shinobi.

Sort of Power Abilities

The true power abilities of Kawaki is still unknown but according to the predictions, he is a close range combatant able to destroy Garo’s jaw and repel team Konahamaru even while exhausted. He also used his own Kama Mark which gives him the power of absorbing ninjutsu and capable to across his body. As he specializes in close range combat, he can easily dodge any blast on him and can acquire great powers. Also, some fans conjecture that Jigen modified Kawaki’s body to attain Otsutsuki sage mode like Madara Uchiha had with Obito or Orochimaru with Mitsuki as Jigen is adroit in lab experiments. With this adaptation, he can manipulate his arms into different shapes and generate powerful shockwaves from his body.

Why does Kawaki look so different from other Boruto Characters?

Rather than being modelled after more traditional Naruto heroes, Kawaki’s design is more modern with a muscular physique, possess grey eyes and blushy black hairs, shaven from the sides and blond in color, a tattoo of the Roman numeral IX under his left eye and a pair of piercings on his right eyebrow. He wears a sleeveless shirt with a vest jacket and dark pants with studded belt show his masculine look. A diamond shape Kama design on the palm of his right-hand spreads across half of his left face, chest, and arm. His Kama radiate red color upon activation. Depending on how a person’s chakra nature manifest, it can sometimes cause drastic changes in appearance.

Debuted in the Manga

In the latest chapter of the series, before being confronted by Kashin of Kara( much like Jiraiya) Boruto and Team 7 just completed a battle with the powerful Ao. After finishing the battle, Team 7 detects the residues of the previous battle with the Ninja Tool Doll, which caused trouble before the fight with Ao. The condition of dolls seems like someone had recently fought them all. Kawaki is found lying in a crater unconsciously, being warned by Konahamaru Boruto rushes to help anyway. At end of the chapter, Boruto realizes the mysterious boy has the same Karma mark that he has.
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