How to increase battery life: Best Tips


We all are using portable and mobile devices for a long period of time. The technology that made all of this possible is the packet of power, the battery, which is capable of storing chemical energy and convert it into electrical energy. These packets of energy have been developed a lot, but still needs a lot maintaince by the user. The battery won’t last you long as much as the other electronic devices but still can juice up your device for a long if maintained well. So, here are some tips on how to take care of battery and

How to increase battery life ―

  • Charging Habits and Schedule

Good battery life is directly related to, how you take care of it. And the most important factor that can effect the battery health and it’s life is the way you charge your batteries. Sometimes, people think that the best way to take care of the battery is to let it discharge completely then charge it up till 100% of capacity, actually this is a myth. This method is not only wrong, but also gives a high stress on battery when charged to 100, which eventually decreases the battery life. So now, you might be thinking, What’s the correct method of charging batteries? Frankly, we will say that the method of charging should not be taken too much serious, but you have to have only a little knowledge about that. Keep you battery percentage between 20% to 80% approx. You can define your own limits, like 15% to 80% or any other but make sure you don’t charge your batteries to 100% and discharge to 0 in every charging sessions, but do this only once in a month, discharge your battery to 0 and charge it to 100%. And charge the battery in a casual way, whenever you get time, charge a little, like a little amount of multiple dose. This will surely help to increase the battery life and will work with any other electronic device using rechargeable batteries.

  • Right Adapter for charging

Many people do this mistake, they use a random charging adapter to juice up their device, but this is absolutely wrong and slowly decreases the battery efficiency. It is recommended to use the company’s adapter given with the respective electronic device. But you can also use another adapter for charging, if you don’t have the original, just in case. But must check carefully, if the charger kit if compatible with your device. For this you need to check the output voltage of the adapter, this is written on the adapter, you can check their. Output voltage of the charger must be same as your device needs. You need not to worry if the Current ratings are not same, it will work. And sometimes we use powers banks to juice up the batteries. The power bank must be of good quality with a proper voltage and current ratings. Batteries can get harm with a faulty power bank. So, choose wisely the perfect power bank by checking out the output voltage and current ratings.

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  • Low Battery the Load

Battery is the one of the components which doesn’t last long and it’s efficiency decreases gradually with time, even you did your best to maintain it, but the main reason for batteries to become less capable is the increase in load. The load and stress as we’ve discussed earlier during charging is not the only problem. Sometimes the charging habits are good, the battery is well maintained but the user’s way of using the battery backup is the problem. This generates when the battery is over used too much. Like a user is playing high end graphics on a smartphone and by this the battery goes down in one go, and this goes again and again. This creates a lot of load and stress on the battery and gradually decreases it’s efficiency. This should be maintained, by not using high end software or games or any other applications for a long duration of time in one go.

So, these are the tips and our suggestions, which will surely help you to maintain your device battery and eventually increase battery life. All you need to do is, improve the charging habits, careful with the adapter you are using and use the battery backup smartly.

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