Infinity War: How Avengers could Have Defeated Thanos

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Thanos’ snap and his goal finally accomplished in Avengers Infinity War, at last it was the mad titan’s victory. But all of that could have been stopped if some decisions were taken differently. While some may say that it was inevitable but if the Avengers took decisions differently, their combined power could have defeated the mad titan in Infinity War.

Infinity War: How Avengers could Have Defeated Thanos

One of the main decision was of course not to hit Star-Lord with a full repulsor beam by Iron Man, because yes, he deserved that but there were other decisions too which could have turned the battle of wakanda in the favour of our superheroes. And one main decision was Tony Stark, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man not returning to Earth instead of continuing on to Titan.

After the attack of Black Order on New York, Iron Man and Spider-Man managed to get on Ebony Maw’s ship as it escaped Earth. He had kidnapped Doctor Strange to torture him until he surrendered the Time Stone. After Iron Man and Spider-Man kicked Ebony Maw out into space, Stark and Strange then argued about what to do: Strange wanted to return to Earth to keep the Time Stone away from Thanos, while Tony Stark, haunted by Thanos, decided to continue to Titan and take Thanos by surprise. But what if Strange was right? What would have happened if they had returned to earth?

Infinity War: How Avengers could Have Defeated Thanos

If Stark would have gone with Strange’s advice, then whole of the Avengers would have been there at Wakanda to stop the Black Order’s attack. Avengers would have been on their full power and there was really a chance that they could defeat the mad titan. By the time, Thanos came in the battle, the attack was fended off by Avengers, even without Tony, Strange and Spider-Man. If they were there protecting Vision and Scarlet Witch would have been much easier.

What do you think about the decision Tony and the others took? Do you think that Avengers could have defeated Thanos if Tony would have returned to earth? Do let us know in the comment section below!


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