Peter Dinklage’s Character in Avengers Infinity War Explained!

(Warning: Major Spoilers for Avengers Infinity War follow below)

Avengers Infinity War is a great movie packed with lots of action, emotion, and nail-biting suspense. Apart from these factors what makes it stand apart is the inclusion of pop-culture references and surprises characters that made you whistle during the screening. In various cameos that include Red Skull, Nick Fury, the one that stands out is the character of Eitri played by Peter Dinklage. The details of his role were hidden after the news broke out that he will be part of the Avengers Infinity War. There were rumors that he will be voicing one of the members of Black Order. But the stories were put to rest when Thor, Rocket, and Groot went to the star named Nidavellir to get the new weapon for Thor similar to Mjolnir to defeat Thanos.

According to mythology and comics, Nidavellir is one of the Nine Realms, homeworld of the Dwarves and its multiring structure revolves around the dying star. The dwarves namely Eitri and his brother Brok who are master craftsman are known for crafting most potent weapons for Gods. In Avengers Infinity War we come to know that Eitri was the one who made the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos as latter made it clear that if he doesn’t build the gauntlet, Eitri and his entire planet will face dire consequences. Eitri follows the order and creates a gauntlet that can wield the power of all six infinity stones. However, Thanos betrays him and decimates the whole planet sparing him. Later Thor arrives to take help of Eitri who created his Mjolnir to craft another weapon that can defeat Thanos.


Eitri after little convincing makes a new weapon, an ax namely the Stormbreaker with the help of Groot, Rocket, and Thor. The role of Peter Dinklage as Eitri has utmost importance in the whole plot of Avengers Infinity War as with his help Thor emerges out the only contender who gives a terrible time to Thanos and comes too close to kill him. During production few photos of Peter Dinklage emerged and it was said that he might be playing the role of Pip, the troll. However, on the positive note, this surprise was welcomed by audiences with lots of cheers during the screening.

Eitri will undoubtedly be playing an essential role in the next Avengers movie as near the end Gauntlet appeared to be damaged, and we are speculating that Thanos will again approach him to craft another of his marvel to enable him to use the power of Infinity Stones. Talking about the Stormbreaker given by him to Thor is a weapon wielded by Beta Ray Bill in the comics. If you noticed another minute detail that Groot is also worthy of using it as he lends himself in making the handle of the ax.


At present these small details may not seem significant, but these will undoubtedly play a huge role in the whole scheme when Avengers will again come face to face with Thanos. What are your views on Peter Dinklage’s character as Giant Dwarf? Did you like it?