Intel announced Ice Lake, Lakefield chips & Project Athena at CES 2019

intel ces 2019

CThe biggest tech event, CES 2019 is going on in Las Vegas, where new technologies and products are being shown by the companies all over the world. Earlier we have seen some major announcements by the companies like Dell, Nvidia, Samsung, JBL, and now finally here comes the Intel. Intel at the CES 2019 event talked about the new initiatives by its automotive division, new AI capabilities and revealed the successor, Ice Lake processor, hybrid processor, named Lakefield, Project Athena and some other major partnerships and announcements.

At the press conference, Navin Shenoy, EVP of the Data Centre Group stated, “We are making excellent progress in pursuing a massive $300 billion (roughly Rs. 21 lakh crores) data-driven market opportunity spanning the most important workloads – such as AI, 5G and autonomous driving. And, on a scale unmatched by others”. And Shenoy clearly mentioned that Intel is evolving as a data-centric company rather than a PC-centric company, and targeting segments in addition to PC processor business which will see strong growth in coming years.


Intel Ice Lake 

At the event, Intel announced the new Ice Lake chipset, which is the successor to Cannonlake processor. Talking more about the Ice Lake specifications, it will feature integrated Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). The new chipset comes with the same 10nm architecture and will use the Sunny Cove core architecture and a new Gen11 integrated GPU, which has been announced earlier in the month of December, where the Gen11 GPU will support adaptive sync and deliver 1 Teraflop of graphics processing power. With the new Ice Lake chipset, Intel will be upgrading its AI and machine learning game.

Talking about the availability of the new Ice Lake CPUs. We are expecting the new CPUs to hit the market in the third quarter of this year.

The announced Ice Lake architecture will also be used for future gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors which will ship in 2020, which will introduce new hardware-based security features as well as performance improvements.


Intel Lakefield –

Intel, other than the Ice Lake chipsets, also talked about the all-new hybrid CPU, named Lakefield. And with the new Lakefield, Intel first time will use the Foveros packaging technology to integrate the low powered CPU cores. It is not only the first time for Intel but also it is the first time in the world, CPUs are being produced using the mixed core.

Talking more about the Lakefield, it will feature one high-power Sunny Cove core and four Atom-based cores and also an integrated GPU, memory controller, and IO controllers. At the keynote, Senior VP of the Client Computing Group, Greg Bryant, presented a reference Lakefield motherboard that is approximately five inches long and less than an inch wide, and this new design will allow manufacturers to develop even thinner and lighter devices.

Intel Project Athena –

After the new chipsets, Intel announced the Project Athena, where the company announced the new class of 5G-enabled always-on laptops. Project Athena will be powering both the Windows laptops and Chromebooks with higher performance, improved battery life while maintaining the slim and light bodies.

Also, Intel will work closely with OEMs to develop and test Project Athena devices, all of which will be certified before launch, where the list includes the name of some top-notch companies like Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung. And the new devices will be introduced in the second half of 2019.

Other Announcements –

Other than the new announcement of the chips, Intel also introduced six new 9th Gen Core CPUs for based on the Coffee Lake architecture, spanning the Core i3 to Core i9 tiers. No much information is available related to the specification and name of the chips for now. Talking about the availability, the 9th Gen Core processors powered devices will be introduced in the second quarter of this year.

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