Intel Announced 8th Generation Processor named Coffee Lake


Intel has officially announced 8th generation of desktop Cpu range under name of Coffee Lake. Intel is claiming it as one of most powerful gaming processors. It has more core counts with hyper threading and few other enhancements

Coffee Lake
Image Source : Intel

Talking about the 8th Generation, Intel has i7-8700 priced around $359, i5-8400 at $182 & i3-8100 at $117. Intel has proclaimed it offers up to 25% more FPS and 45% better performance when it comes to major tasks compared to the Core i7-7700K. These are more boldly claims by Intel we will have to wait when it finally comes under review zone. Along with this Intel has also announced Z370 Chipset. The slide from Intel demonstrates support for DDR4-2666 memory. It also showcased & flaunted Thunderbolt 3.0 utilising USB 3.1 interface allowing Full 4K Video, External Graphic Card Connect, Single Cable Docking & Networking like features.

Intel i7-8700K has a base frequency lowers than its predecessor i7-7700K while there is an increment in boost frequency

Coffee Lake
Image Source : Intel

Intel 8th Generation will be launched on October 5 and we can hopefully expect the 8th generation desktops before Christmas

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