iPhone X OLED Display hit by another Issue of Green Line.

Apple launched iPhone X with a bezel-less end to end OLED display, which was one the amazing feature that all were talking about, and got A+ GRADE by the DISPLAY MATE for most accurate DISPLAY. And after Google’s Pixel 2 XL’s Display problem hitting users, it seams Apple would share same. From past weeks, iPhone X users have been complaining about some issues in the OLED display. Firstly, users complained about the screen, that iPhone X’s Display stops responding in cold weather. For which Apple gave surety to fix it by a software update. And now iPhone X’s OLED Display is hit by another problem.

The frustrated users tweeted their anger by informing that display is showing a nasty green vertical line which run vertically across the edge of the OLED display. And the thick Green Line start kinda accumulate at either side of the screen. Some of the users stated that they tried to restart and reset the phone, but it didn’t work.

As per now around 25 users have tweeted about the same problem of green line. But still Apple didn’t take it in concern as per now. And nothing more about the problem can be said now, till company states about the problem.

Stay tuned for more info.


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