iPhone X Exploded After Updating to iOS 12.1

iPhone X exploded

Updating the iPhone X to the latest iOS 12.1 became a big issue for a user when the device got exploded. The report comes from US where the user in Washington claims that his iPhone X just got hot and exploded on upgrading the 10 months old device to the latest iOS 12.1. The user named Rahel Mohamad informed about the happening via his Tweet, and asked about the problem, addressing Apple.

Not only this, when asked more about the incident, Rahel said that he bought the iPhone X early January this year and had been using the device normally. Rahel put his iPhone X on charging and also it was being updated to iOS, but after the update completed, Rahel removed the device from charging and when the device was turned on, dark smoke started coming from the device and eventually it caught fire and exploded.

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According to a report, Rahel claimed he used the official bundled Apple Lightning cable and wall adapter to charge his iPhone X and turned off the charging before the device caught fire.

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Rahel reached Apple with his iPhone X concern, and in reply, Apple stated that this is definitely not expected behaviour and would wish to resolve it soon. Apple will further investigate the incident after getting the device shipped by Rahel.

This is really a serious issue, and we all are waiting for Apple’s investigation on the incident. It is a very first serious issue we got to see in this year related to the super flagship iPhone X.


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