iPhone XS Drop Test: Results are Surprisingly Amazing!

iPhone XS drop test

iPhone XS Drop Test –

Apple unveiled the new iPhone lineup, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, for the 2018 year in its annual event. The new iPhone XS comes with new A12 Bionic chip, faster FaceID and a lot more, but the same design as the last year’s iPhone X, which comes with a display notch and a glass back body, this time too, the tech giant introduced the glass back body in the new iPhone XS series for a premium look. The company boasted the glass back to be the most durable glass in the smartphone but, is it really durable? Let’s see in the iPhone XS Drop Test results.

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The iPhone XS device comes with a glass back body, and glass is fragile, and if by any means the glass shatters, you need to pay $600 to the Apple store to get it repaired, so definitely you need to handle the device with more care.

iPhone XS Drop Test –

The iPhone XS drop test has been done by renowned tester Zack Nelson on his JerryrigEverything YouTube channel, and for this, Zack dropped the device in two versions, that is, one with the nylon case and other without casing, with different heights, many times to ensure the hard testings process.

iPhone XS drop test

First of all, Zack dropped both the devices from a normal height, pretending the fall from a table or desk. The results were so satisfying, as the iPhone XS without cover didn’t take any kind of damage, not a single bump or scratch, around the area of impact.

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After this, Zack increased the test hardness by increasing the height to the waist level. And here also, surprisingly the device has not faced any kind of damage or scratch in the back-glass panel. iPhone XS faced the two waist-height drop test easily.

iPhone XS drop test

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And at last, Zack raised the height from waist to ears, pretending a situation where you are attending a call and the device slips off from your hand. Here, Zack dropped the device four times, and everytime the results were amazing and satisfactory, as the iPhone XS faced the drop tests easily, without any fatal damages, even there were no major scratches.

The Apple’s statement, where it was claimed that the new iPhone XS has most durable glass panel, seems legit. The glass back is tough enough to face these kinds of drops and accidents. So, should you go for a case or cover for your iPhone XS? According to us, yes, you should go for one, it’s better to be in one step advance, and probably you won’t go for a back panel replacement, which costs $600.