IRREPLACEABLE YOU:-love and persistence redefined

“IRREPLACEABLE YOU”, a forthcoming American humorous romantic drama film directed by Stephanie Laing and broadcasted by Netflix on February 16, 2018, starring Gugu Mbatha Raw and Michiel Huisman.

The story portraying the lives of two bosom buddies and romantic soulmates appears crashing down when one is diagnosed with a terminal cancer.

The leading lady when she discovers that she has final stage cancer. She promptly joins a backing group, where she gets acquainted with diverse group of cancer survivors that commence on a mission to look for a mint partner for her would-be Sam (Michiel Huisman). The couple has been with each other since their childhood, that’s gonna be the prime time in their adult lives that they will be separated.


But her mission doesn’t seem a piece of cake as the tittle says “irreplaceable you”, it justifies itself, because it’s not only a herculean task but something impossible to watch your partner love someone else.

So the movie awaits us with a heart-wrenching story with lots of humor, romance, affection, life advises and the existential proof of true love.

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