Isha Ambani Wedding Invitation Card worth 3 Lakhs Rupees, Mukesh Ambani’s Daughter Wedding


The Ambani’s have not left any stone unturned for the wedding of their daughter Isha Ambani with Anand Pariawala. Isha Ambani Wedding Invitation Card  is worth rupees 3 lakh. The invitation has been packed inside an elaborately designed storage box, with Isha and Anand’s initials, ‘IA’ etched on the top.

Isha Ambani Wedding

The box itself looks so lavish that when you look at it, you want to know what’s inside. Fortunately, all the viewers can get to see the tour of the card easily on YouTube, and trust me it will be a treat for your eyes. Their extravagant lifestyle can be seen in their sheer grandeur displayed on the wedding card worth rupees 3 lakh.

The main box opens to a diary which contains invites to the wedding. The starting pages basically gives the over view of the itinerary of the wedding functions with “Shubh Abhinandan” written on them. The most beautiful part of the card is the fourth page of the invite, which happens to be a letter written by Isha and Anand.

Isha Ambani Wedding

Isha Ambani Wedding

The invite contains another box, which is pink in color with golden embroidery, on opening it, one can hear the tune of the Gayatri Mantra. It contains four small boxes, these four small boxes contains small tokens of love in form of itra, chains and neck pieces.

Leading industrialist Mukesh Ambani on Monday offered prayers at Kedarnath and Badrinath and sought the blessings of the presiding deities at the famous Himalayan shrines for his daughter who is getting married next month. He also placed the invitation card of his daughter’s marriage amid the offerings made at the two temples.


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