Jamie Foxx to Play ‘Spawn’ Confirms Creator Todd McFarlane

Spawn Jamie Foxx Todd McFarlane

All you superhero movie fans, Jamie Foxx, is officially our new Spawn. The comic book writer and creator Todd McFarlane took on Instagram to announce signing the Oscar-winning actor to portray the role of the anti-hero in the upcoming adaption. The movie will be written and directed by Todd McFarlane himself and Blumhouse Productions lead by Jason Blum will produce it. The reboot for Spawn has been in discussion for quite a long now, and in January while speaking to AZ Central, he said that “We just signed off on the script, and are going into budgeting. We also have our casting meeting…It will be dark and heavy, serious, R-rated. It won’t be a superhero movie. I don’t think most people would categorise it as that. It will be a supernatural thriller, like a lot of good creep movies. The only thing in the movie that’s fantastic is Spawn, and anything else is otherwise normal.”

After giving this update and making it pretty clear that movie will be out and out R-rated one which will focus on the trauma experienced by the main character in the story. Now, Todd has come up with great news of getting Jamie Foxx to portray the role of Al Simmons, aka Spawn, a former member of the CIA black ops who is betrayed and murdered by his team. He dies and is sent to hell for killing innocent people on the field. In hell, he makes a deal with the devil to send him to earth to see his wife in exchange for his soul. However, after returning to earth he realises that now he has a demonic appearance and his wife has already moved on him with his best friend. This situation is undoubtedly heartbreaking and Todd McFarlane wants to capture this depth in the movie.

Talking about the movie he also made one thing clear that Spawn reboot will not be an origin story as Todd McFarlane feels that “The scariest movies, from Jaws to John Carpenter’s The Thing, or The Grudge and The Ring, the boogeyman doesn’t talk.” The creator’s take on the story gives a refreshing feel to it and will be fascinating to see how he brings it to life. Moreover, the addition of Jamie Foxx who has been wanting to play the role for a long time will bring more creativity to it.

McFarlane explained about his discussion with Jamie Foxx saying ”Jamie came to my office five years ago, and he had an idea about Spawn and we talked about it…I never forgot him… When I got done and my agents and everybody was talking about what actor, I said, ‘I’m going to Jamie first and until he says no I don’t want to think about anyone else because I’ve never had anyone else in my head. Luckily, he hadn’t forgotten either.”

We know for sure that the reboot helmed by Todd McFarlane starring Jamie Foxx in the lead will be far better than the 1997 movie which starred Michael Jai White in the lead role. The production of the movie will soon begin and we will keep you updated on the developments. What are your views on the casting of Jamie Foxx? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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