Jump pads in Apex Legends tease Octane

Apex Legends new update

In February, leaks surfaced online suggesting that jump pads could be coming to the Apex Legends. Now, several players are reporting that jump pads are finally added to the game.

Jump pads in Apex Legends

Several players have noticed jump pads near the Market landmark in Apex Legends. You can see the full video below:

Players are wondering why Respawn hasn’t released any patch notes or updates regarding the addition of jump pads. But, it is believed that jump pads were already a part of the in-game files. Therefore, Respawn doesn’t need to release a new update for them.

Several players are relating the addition of jump pads with leaked champion Octane. Octane is a new Apex Legend character which was leaked several weeks ago. One of the Octane’s ability is to deploy launch pads in the game.

Respawn devs have responded to many reports about the item’s appearance in the game with knowing emotes on Reddit. It brings players to the only conclusion that Octane is coming to the game alongside season 1 and jump pads are like a teaser of it.

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